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Welcome to AcuPhysioHealth , a holistic clinic that is committed to your wellbeing, delivering effective remedial solutions that address and help a variety of problems. Our main focus is always on curing the problem you have, rather than simply reducing its symptoms. We believe our premium quality care and proficient physiotherapeutic, acupunctural, herbal, and massaging solutions can be the answer to many healthcare problems or injuries.


Human bodies perform and function ideally in ultimate wellbeing and harmonic balance. However, often health impediments or injuries can disturb this balance, especially as we grow older. At AcuPhysioHealth we work to give your body its optimal balance back through our treatments. This way, we don’t simply enhance your wellness but also improve your everyday lifestyle.


Our holistic solutions can help a variety of problems including injuries, chronic pains, arthritic conditions, menstrual problems, abdominal issues, headaches, post-injury recovery problems, joint pain, sciatica, sprains, etc. Simply talk to us to discuss what’s bothering you and we will provide consultation. If we can cater to your problem, we will work out a treatment plan which will include all that needs to be done to properly cure the issue.


Treatments vary in type according to problem and can involve massages, acupuncture, herbal remedies, hot or cold solutions, cupping, etc. However, we will make sure any consultation or treatment you receive at our clinic is positive, friendly, and helpful. We want all our clients to feel comfortable with us as they warm up to embark on a journey of recovery and rebalancing, gaining the best of their life back to the fullest.


Contact us today for further questions or concerns.

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