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Mobile: 86-0757-86401092Website: WebsiteAddress: 4th/Fl, No.1 First Street, Rong'er Road, Rongxing Industrial Zone, Wuzhuang, Luocun,Shishan Town, Nanhai,Foshan, Guangdong, ChinaSuburb: NokomaiArea: Southland DistrictCity: Auckland

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Anova Lighting Co., Ltd., rooted in Foshan, Guangdong—China's renowned "City of Lighting"—has been dedicated to the lighting industry since its inception in 2003. With a history spanning two decades, we specialize in providing global clients with superior ODM design and customized services. Our extensive product range includes LED downlights, spotlights, track lights, cabinet lights, and yacht lighting, garnering international acclaim for design excellence.

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