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If you are looking for a car primer, we deliver across NZ, we stock high-quality brands, and we offer competitive prices. You’ll also get excellent customer service from our team and a fast turnaround on your order. Plus, buying from us is simple, as you can order 24/7 on our website. Get started now.

At Automax Paints, we understand the importance of using a good car primer in NZ. The finish you leave on the cars you work on has to be able to stand up to New Zealand weather conditions. Plus, you need to use products that live up to your reputation for quality workmanship.

So, we supply high-quality car primer products to our customers in NZ. Choose the primer you need today.

You need a good foundation to ensure the best and most long-lasting results from your automotive paint job. This means using a high-quality primer. Here are a couple of things to remember:

It is never a good idea to cut corners when it comes to primers.
For an auto refinishing job to be done right, the surface of the vehicle needs to be sanded before applying a good primer.
A primer's main job is to improve the adherence of paint to the bodywork of the vehicle. If you don't add primer, the paint simply won't bond properly to the surface. This applies where the surface is new or has aged over time. When the paint doesn't bond properly, it will start to peel and flake, exposing the surface to the elements and causing it to rust.

In addition to helping the paint adhere to the surface of the car, a good primer will also add an additional layer of protection for the surface, particularly metal surfaces. This protective layer also helps to prevent rust, particularly if the primer you use is a sealer.

Applying a primer before you paint a vehicle's surface will also help prevent the finish from looking dull because the paint has soaked into the surface.

Some primers will also fill small marks and scratches on the surface of the vehicle, especially the marks and scratches that are caused during the sanding process. This can save you time as it reduces the need to use putty or any other process designed to make the surface smooth before painting.

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