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Bombay Post, a local delight that promises its customers authentic Indian cuisine. Located at Birkenhead, Auckland, the takeaway specializes in food from the Bombay region of India. Some of its highlights include the much bragged about Dum Biryani, Bombay Frankie and the all time famous Bombay street food - Paav Baaji.

Acknowledging the great mix of culture and food in India, Bombay Post strives to showcase the diversity in Indian gastronomical experience through its offerings of dishes from all parts of India. Its Indo-Chinese fried rice, Mangalore fish curry, Lamb Vindaloo and Delhi Butter Chicken just to name a few, are some dishes that will take us through from the Northern to Southern parts of India.

Bombay Post understands the importance of serving the needs of its customers. Their clever fusion dishes is a big hit among the locals and travellers alike. There is something for everyone. Catering to the local taste buds, Bombay Post has managed to coin dishes such as the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel curry, sausage curry, Fji Duck Curry and offers chips instead of rice as an option with curries. Although many would not associate Indian food with Pizzas, Bombay Post has designed Pizzas such as the Bombay Bazzar Pizza and the Himalayan Lamb Pizza which features Indian flavours in an Italian dish. Acknowledging the Indian influence on South African cuisine, Bombay Post also features its well-loved Bunny Chow.

The extensive menu options also features appetizers such as Samosas and Onion Baaji and desserts such as the Chocolate Cake and Gulab Jamun. Any curry that is ordered can be customized in terms of size, ranging from small to large size. For some items such as the biryani meals, a Family Pack is also available. Other special combos include a Couple pack which offers a great deal for 2. All meals can also be customized to be mild, medium spicy or hot spicy.

For the convenience of customers, Bombay Post offers both walk-in as well as online orders. They also take orders for delivery and pick-ups through phone calls made to 09-4802592. Some of the locations they deliver to are Birkenhead, Milford, Birkdale, Chatswood, Chelsea, Highbury, Glenfield, Northcote, Northcote Point, Hillcrest and Takapuna. Cash, Eftpos, Visa and Mastercards are accepted for all pick-up and delivery services as well.

With their motto “ Be delighted with Authentic taste”, Bombay Post strives to offer their customers a customized and quality meal with exceptional service standards.

About Us

Bombay post is a team of two family members Chef Chait Singh and his nephew Bish Kunwar.

Chait Singh has worked in some fine restaurants of Auckland like Urban Turban, Internationalist. Among other parts of the world chef Chait has worked in Dubai, Doha, Bangalore and New Delhi. Chef Chait recipes are make best use of local meat, vegetables and Indian spices. Chait likes to blend whole spices and grinds them at our kitchen thus giving an unique experience to our customers.

Bish Kunwar is a hotel management graduate and a trained chef who manages the operation and marketing part of the business. Bish has been associated with the North shore for a long time as he started at the Massey University as a business student and has managed and owned restaurants & cafe in the local area.

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