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At Eco Spa, we have extensive experience manufacturing spa pools and hot tubs in New Zealand for New Zealand customers. Spa pools Hamilton we pride ourselves on providing high-quality and affordable spa solutions that are lightweight and energy efficient. When you choose a spa from us, you can have confidence that all the materials used in the spa are sourced from NZ suppliers. You can also have confidence in the quality of our workmanship.

 We deliver anywhere in New Zealand. Delivery is free direct to your door if you are in the North Island. If you are in the South Island, free delivery is available to the depot nearest to your location.

 What sets us apart from the competition are the energy efficiency features of our spa pools. More specifically the high thermal efficiency, spa pools for sale NZ we fully encase the undersides of the Eco Spa with closed-cell marine foam. This adds insulation so there is less energy required to heat the water in your spa which is good for your comfort levels, your energy bills, and the environment.

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