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Here at Meena’s Beauty and Laser we specialise in Micopigmentation treatments Fearther touch brows, permanent tattoo eye liner and eyebrows, IPL permanent hair reduction, Photo facial wrinkles, pigmentation treatments, Red veins, LED Red Light treatments, Nimue TCA peels, Biolatic Peels, AHA BHA peels, Microdermabrasion treatments, Facial Skin Needling, skincare consultations and facials, Threading, waxing, eyelash and brow tinting, Eyelash extensions, Lash perm, Make up, Body tanning, Body massage, manicures and pedicures.

IPL Treatments

Starting from $75 per treatment

The Med Ultra (Intense Pulsed Light) is technically not a real laser. IPL uses white light composed of broad wavelength affects pigmentations, broken capillaries and hair follicles. The IPL’s light, once within the dermis, pigments is shattered and eliminated out of body by metabolism. In the meanwhile, IPL also gives a boost to collagen production, which can make the skin more youthful, radiant and bright and remove fine wrinkles. The light with long wavelength can pass through epidermis to the hair follicles in the deep part of the skin. At the targeted area, high temperature occurs to destroy follicles and hair shaft and prevent re-growth of new hair.

IPL RF use Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and IPL energies. RF produced heat when the tissue’s electrical resistance converts the electric current to thermal energy deeper within the dermis by the difference of skin impedance, control RF absorbing by specific targeting area. The deeper thermal energy stimulates production of new collagen and re-arrange collagen tissue. The subsequent heating further tightens the dermal tissue and reduces wrinkles. The RF penetrates max 4mm depth in skin but IPL selective absorb definite wavelength light by targeting area and penetrate max 2.5mm depth in skin.

– Acne, Vascular lesions Treatment
>> Erythema or redness of the face, neck or chest; acne and acne scarring.
– Skin Rejuvenation, Pigment, Wrinkles Treatment
>> Photoaging or sun damage – wrinkles, freckling, caf |-an –lait spot, irregular pigmentation, coarse or rough appearance, brown
age-spots, Metlasma, shrink of pores and more tight and flexible skin.
– Hair Removal Treatment
>> Remove of unwanted hair to all over the body like face, eg; chest, back bikini and underarms.

About Meena

Meena has been in the beauty Industry since 2005. Meena is a cheerful easy going person and is mother of two will make any person feel welcome and comfortable at anytime.

Meena has been giving great friendly service to all her regulars and new clients with confidence. Meena have expanded her business working from her garage setup to a great big Villa which is converted into a beautiful beauty Salon in Pukekohe with comfortable couch peaceful music, tea and coffee for your comfort.
Meena’s beauty have plenty of car parking available. Meena has top quality equipment and best NOI. Skin care products for individual skin concerns. Meena is MIT NZ trained.

There has never been a better time to indulge yourself in some extra care. Come and try one of Meena’s personalized treatments and I guarantee that you will walk out feeling pampered and wanting to book your next session. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to indulge yourself once in a while and at Meena’s Beauty Therapy you will definitely feel as though you have had a wonderful treatment and want to book in your next session right then and there.

LED Light Treatments

The light-Emitting Diode is the basis for photo-modulation, a scientific process that uses wavelengths in the visible light spectrum to send calibrated packets of light into the dermal layer, setting off a frenzy of cellular activity to produce softer, more youthful looking skin


– Stimulates collagen which help smooth the skin.
– Assists with management of Acne/Heals blemishes.
– Attack enlarged pores and cold sores.
– Increase oxygen circulation which allows for faster recovery time after surgery.
– Firms skin with it’s facial toning action.
– Produces a healthy blow the skin with new clarity and texture.
– Helps sun-damaged skin.
– Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.
– Reduces brown age spots.
– Reduces overall redness and flushing.
– Regenerates and stimulates collagen production.
– Helps irregular pigmentation.

For best results use directly after a facial, waxing, threading, peel or Micropigmentation treatment.

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