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We create digital experiences for mobile and web apps. Our clients love our commitment and the skills from which we translate the latest digital innovations into practical solutions.

We are privileged, having worked with a wide range of organisations (big and small) that influence and shape the world. This includes healthcare technology companies, academic institutions, technology pioneers, consumer products, or the local hair salon. We rejoice the diverse expectations and challenges that each industry sector brings.

Mirza Bros has been built on great relationships – it’s why our clients and staff choose us and stay with us. We hardly made a outbound sales phone call from 2007 till 2017, thanks to all the inbound work. We believe that success of these digital products / mobile apps can be achieved by focusing on great design and diligent technical execution.

By working closely with our clients and navigating to (winning) solutions, and executing them to a high-standard we find that clients and end-users get more from our digital experiences. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Our formula is to combine striking design and tech and serve it to the end-user joy!

Mobile Applications

Mobile technologies have transformed the digital media landscape in only a few years, and apps in particular have changed the game. Apps make the most of a smartphone’s computing power and features to add value for users, encouraging regular engagement with an organisation.

We are skilled in designing and developing apps on any platform; whether iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry, we’re keen to see our client’s apps available in customer’s pockets, ready when needed.

Web Design and Development

Mirza Bros has developed beautiful websites since day one. And now that the web has more touch-points with society and media than ever before, we find that end-users are wanting rich and responsive experiences that enable effective engagement with brands and organisations.

We design, develop and deploy with a multitude of frameworks. We’re platform agnostic, so not locked-down to a particular technology. Instead we focus on developing a considered user journey, which satisfies the end-user’s wants and the business needs.

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design

We are keenly observant and fascinated by the human experience of mobile and web apps. We bring this consideration to our UI UX process in order to build quality interfaces for your product, service, website, or tool.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines such as Google make finding the content users want that much easier, but with so much information online it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Search Engine Marketing is concerned with making your site visible to your intended audience.

Whether through organic search optimisation or paid search marketing on websites or social media destinations, Mirza Bros have the knowledge and understanding to ensure your site reaches the users it needs to.

SMS and Voice Marketing

We can design and deliver SMS and voice messages to over 25 countries. We embed this capability into our clients’ apps in order for them to strengthen their reach with their customers.

Business Hours: 8AM to 6PM – NZT

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