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Oracle Property Management provide the support and confidence you need at times of uncertainty, as many people are experiencing now. It reminds us why we love what we do. Our proactive team will partner with you to provide calm and practical management every step of the way, for the best outcomes available. Experienced, personable and upbeat, you’ll always find us thinking outside the square.

Home Owners:
Renting what was your personal home can be a worrying time. Let us take care of finding you the best tenants using our rigorous end to end letting processes. Advertising, viewings, tenants checks and your choice of tenant through to full entry inspections and money management. We have everything covered for you.

As part of your team we are here to ensure your success. Minimising vacancy, optimising lease structures, and finding the most suitable tenants to provide uninterrupted rental income is key to increasing profitability each year. We provide extensive market knowledge and a case by case approach to suit individual investment strategies.

Positive, long lasting relationships with tenants is as important as those with our owners.

A smooth running tenancy from start to finish is what we are aiming for.

Expert Tenant Property Managers in Auckland
Our passionate team cares for every single owner, tenant and property. When people say to us ‘you’re in the property industry’ our first response is always ‘we’re in the people industry and the property brings us all together’.

You’re always in Control
It’s frustrating when decisions are taken out of your hands. With us, you can stay in control of maintenance costs, final tenant selection or whatever is important to you.

Attention To Profitability
You'll gain valuable team members committed to helping you protect your property with stringent measures for rental arrears together with strategic planning to increase profitability.

An experienced team with industry knowledge AND the practical ability needed with property management.

We’re never shaken or stirred and approach all situations with calmness and clarity. We’ve got you and understand owning rental properties isn’t always easy or everyone would be doing it…..if they had the time, expertise or us as part of their team.

You’ve spent time and money selecting the right property now you need the experience of property managers who can deliver the results you hoped for.

Rental Appraisals:
Looking to purchase a property and need to know potential rent returns? Would like an updated rental appraisal for a property already owned? Perhaps need documentation for your lending? We are happy to assist.

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