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Plant Pals Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we have a passion for creating products that serve equal amounts of function and aesthetics.

We are always looking to evolve, create and experiment so come back and check up on us every now and again to see what new and exciting things we've been up to.

We're always here for a chat - over email or coffee!

The ideal companion to help your plants thrive.

Just like you, all plants need a pal to lean on - stakes, trellises & indoor climbing frame for plants.

Balancing function and aesthetics, and designed locally on New Zealand's doorstep - you won't find these anywhere else!

Plant Pals 'Taupua' Plant Stake

Striking a balance between functionality and ornamental design, the Taupua Climbing Frames is a unique addition to your plant collection.

Plant Pals plant stakes mirror the growth of a plants natural environment, supporting them as they grow and flourish.

Designed in New Zealand - you won't find these anywhere else.

Each stake order comes with 4 biodegradable paper plant ties.


- Allows the plants to grow vertically, utilising space efficiently and keeping them neat and tidy in your home.

- Creates healthy air circulation through the plant, keeping vines off the soil, preventing rot and disease.

- Increases exposure to light, maximising their growth.


Durable powder coated 5mm iron rod, with anti-rust and and UV protective coating. Environmentally friendly and safe for the Buy Plant Stakes.

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