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Smile Concepts knows that this is why wisdom teeth Christchurch removal is recommended by most of the dentists. For some, a dry socket occurs after a wisdom tooth extraction. Dry socket is a condition that occurs after tooth extraction. After extracting a wisdom tooth, a blood clot forms in the empty socket and seals the area so that it can heal. It occurs naturally after an extraction. You will experience the painful complication known as Dry Socket if the blood clot dislodges. Smile Concepts is a Christchurch dental surgery located in the suburb of Sydenham. We offer the best dental care possible to all our customers. We do this in a friendly, open and relaxed atmosphere. Our dentists are highly trained and experienced in different areas of dentistry.

Smile Concepts is a Christchurch dental surgery located in the popular suburb of Sydenham. Depending on the condition of your teeth and your oral hygiene, your dentist will advise Partial Dentures Christchurch or full dentures. In the past, dentures were removable but newer technologies have ensured that dentures are fixed in place with dental implants. Further, our dentures cover only the minimum required space. This helps you with much better taste while you eat. Our dentures are customised to fit only your mouth and they will take the natural appearance of your original teeth. Please remember that your mouth keeps changing its shape as time progresses. Therefore, you will need to get your dentures aligned from time to time. Your dentist will be able to do this for you, and this can be normally completed in one visit. Dentures will also need to be replaced after every 8-10 years in order to ensure that they are correctly fitting you. Our dentists will then use x-rays to assist them with views of your jaw, teeth, sinus, nasal areas and jaw joints. We also have an intra-oral camera that will show you the state of your mouth and teeth on a screen.

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