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The Whitening Co combine the latest in teeth whitening tech with our unique, sleek and user-friendly designs; giving you the best possible teeth whitening experience at home and in studio. Our white kit offers all the best parts of professional teeth whitening, at home, while taking an environmentally-led, sustainable approach.

Whether you prefer to maintain your smile from the comfort of your home or putting your feet up and making the most of our relaxing teeth whitening experience in studio, we're here to help you smile with confidence.
Our white light powers through your mobile phone, meaning no need for disposable batteries, less to throw away and more feel-good teeth whitening.

smile with confidence
You’re never fully dressed without a bright, white smile. Smile bright with The Whitening Co in-studio or at home professional teeth whitening.

With our effective products, affordable services and proven results, we provide an unrivalled whitening experience every time.

trust the whitening co.
If you enjoy a cheeky glass of red wine or a morning coffee, The Whitening Co. will be your new best friend.

Prolonged consumption of coloured drinks and foods over time will stain your teeth, resulting in stains that seem impossible to remove. Our products active ingredients work into the deeper layer of your teeth, targeting those hard to remove stains whilst strengthening the enamel.

our kits are made to last and are designed to be kept. simply top-up your kit by purchasing white pens and/or white strips through our website.

we're invested and will continue to prioritise the environment while offering the best possible whitening experience for our community.

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